About Us

We are here to provide the care your pet needs.

In December 2010, Champlin Park Pet Hospital underwent a change, with Dr. Ernest Hinson taking over ownership. Our unwavering dedication to continue providing exceptional medical care for your beloved canine or feline companion is always first in all our decision-making changes. We strive to always provide them with love, care, and whatever needs they may have both at home and in the hospital. 

Our establishment was redesigned with open-air comfort and the well-being of your pet at the forefront of our considerations. Featuring a surgical suite, custom dental equipment, a cutting-edge x-ray suite, and an outside laboratory with options tailored to each patient, we recognize the criticality of prompt diagnosis and treatment for your patient.

Our team takes immense pride in administering superior pet care, with a deep appreciation for the treasured role each of our patients holds in their families. This commitment has garnered the favor of our clients, with our growth being primarily attributed to referrals from satisfied patrons. 

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