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Here you will find commonly asked “help me” information we receive from our clients. If you still do not find what you are looking for, please reach out and we will get you answers to your questions!  

Pet Insurance

When you are looking for options there are numerous recommendations. We recommend whatever plan works best for you and your family. Unlike our human counterparts, we will work with all insurances and supply the records they need on your pets’ healthcare. Here are ones that we commonly work with. Credits of image to:
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Click here for a comparison between the providers!


Looking for additional information online can be daunting! Here are commonly asked informational links our clients are looking for recommended by us, your clinic! If you do not find your current concerns addressed here, let us know and we can lead you in the right direction! 



Do you have questions about any creepy crawly creatures that can affect your pet? This website is the answer to both inside and outside the body bugs that we deal with. If you have any questions from ticks and fleas down to heartworm and intestinal parasites this is the place to look. Click the link for more information on the Companion Animal Parasite Council.

Poison Control

What did my pet get into now! Pet Poison Control is available 24/7! Here you will receive advice from a veterinary professional that will communicate with you and your veterinarian on how to help your patient. Yes, there is a fee, but you will have the exact treatment needed for your pet after calling.

Oral Health

One of the largest health related concerns is in front of us every day but not always something that you can see all the time. Our pet’s teeth can have numerous issues and since we love giving treats, we should try and give them the best! The Veterinary Oral Health Council has worked out a rigorous system to scientifically prove these items DO help with dental disease!


Each city has their own regulations/requirements surrounding animals. In Champlin, only dogs are required to be licensed within the city. It is really easy to get them licensed with proof of rabies vaccination. We can email you a certificate if you misplaced it! Check your local city/town website for guidelines!

Urgent vs Emergency

There are a range of concerns we have when it comes to our fur children. How urgent something is ranges from:  it can wait until normal clinic hours, we should go to urgent care or head straight to the emergency clinic. Here are some great guidelines to help you make the best decision! 

Worksheet – Helpful guide on how to assess your loved one’s quality of life

Hospice / End of Life Care

There are numerous veterinarians/groups around our area that will assist in your pet’s final care needs in your home. These are a couple of the ones that we have had our clients use.
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Tech Corner

When you own a pet, numerous questions arise. Basics from how to take care of nails and teeth to ingesting something that was not considered food. Concerns about our pet’s health are the reason we are here! We would like to offer tips and tricks that we have learned in our limitless number of years helping pets. We will also throw in some fun quirky things too!

Tech Corner-Teeth Brushing

Think about never brushing your teeth, the grime, the plaque build-up, the gingivitis….. Disgusting right? Well,imagine how your canine and feline friends feel.
Dogs and cats can have many of the same dental problems that you have, but they can’t tell you when they have a painful tooth or anything else that might be bothering them. They may give you some signs like eating on one side of their mouth, eating slower,or maybe not even eating at all. The best thing you can do to help avoid some of these problems is by brushing your animal’s teeth ideally twice a day.
So how do you brush an animal’s teeth? The best thing to do is start with a puppy or kitten but don’t worry about starting if you have an older animal, any age is a great age to start! To get started you will need great- tasting animal toothpaste (we recommend CET Enzymatic toothpaste in poultry flavor), a toothbrush, finger brush, or gauze. Allow your pet to lick the toothpaste first, and hopefully, they will think it is something of a treat. Then place a small amount on your toothbrush, fingerbrush, or gauze. Slowly raise your pet’s lip and gently brush starting with the back teeth and working your way up. You only have to brush the surface of teeth that touch the lips/gums.
Don’t worry if your pet doesn’t like it right away, it can definitely be a process! Start slow with a couple of teeth every day and keep up with it! The best thing to do is to keep trying and keeping up with the brushing as much as you can! Also,come in and we can help with any questions or concerns you have!

Kitty Cat Fun

Most people can agree that the safest place for a cat is to stay indoors. The average life span of an outdoor cat is 2-3 years while an indoor cat can easily live 15-20 years. However, being inside is definitely not as exciting as the wonders of nature. So how can you make the indoors more exciting for your indoor cat?

Most people can agree that the safest place for a cat is to stay indoors. The average life span of an outdoor cat is 2-3 years while an indoor cat can easily live 15-20 years. However, being inside is definitely not as exciting as the wonders of nature. So how can you make the indoors more exciting for your indoor cat?
Mental simulation! The best way to accomplish this is with toys, lots of toys! All different types from squeaky mice toys to feather wands. Lasers are also a great way to stimulate your cat and provide exercise. Don’t forget that some of the best-loved cat toys are things you already have like boxes. If you want to see just how much a cat can love boxes, look up Maru!

Also, double the space your cat has access to by providing kitty condos and climbing trees. Taller models offer more room for your cat to climb and appeal to the cat’s interest in heights. You can also place bird feeders and bird baths outside windows to allow your cat to safely enjoy some of the outdoor wildlife. Placing a potted plant of cat grass on a windowsill can also make it seem more like the great outdoors to your cat.
And finally, never forget how important face-to-face time with you is! Spending time with you is vital to keeping any pet happy and healthy no matter where they are!


Useful information to help you keep your pets happy and healthy!

National ID Your Pet

PURPOSE Having your pet microchipped greatly increases their chances of making their way back home.

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