We are here to provide the care your pet needs.

At Champlin Park Pet Hospital, we are glad to help you understand what to feed your pet and how much is appropriate. We will provide you with guidelines as to what a healthy pet looks like and work through the process with you to help you keep your pet healthy. Our goal is to increase the life span and vitality of your pet by ensuring that they are on the appropriate diet for their breed and individual needs.

If necessary, our doctors will prescribe prescription diets to address specific medical problems. As your pet visits with us over the years we’ll answer any questions as they arise and we are also only a phone call away. Give us a call at 763-315-4981 to schedule an appointment or to speak to one of our doctors.

Visit Champlin Park Pet Hospital to gain a greater understanding of the importance of providing your pet with proper nutrition. Our team in Champlin is complete with dedicated healthcare providers that supply all our visitors with varying approaches to healthy pet lifestyles. We work with you to determine a pet food diet that accommodates your preferences and is ideal to your pet’s individual needs. We also offer a variety of well tested and scientifically backed prescription diets for different disease processes. 

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Pet Nutrition at a Glance

We understand that every pet is a unique individual who has different needs. We are dedicated to the overall health and well-being of your pet. At annual examinations we always ask what food you are currently feeding your pet; this is to ensure your pet is eating an appropriate diet for their age, breed and activity level. A well-balanced diet that is appropriate for your pet, can also help prevent or manage chronic conditions.

Weight Management in Pets

One of the most common disease processes we deal with in our clinic currently is overweight or obese pets. While food is often seen as a way to show our love to our pets, it unfortunately can cause long term effects on our pets. We can see pets end up with underlying health issues/conditions due to obesity such as; diabetes, joint pain, heart disease or chronic inflammation. Unfortunately all of these processes ultimately lead to a shorter lifespan in our pets.

At wellness visits your pet’s veterinarian will discuss your pet’s weight if it is a concern. We will work with you and create an appropriate calorie intake for your pet’s ideal weight. In short we can work together to create a weight loss plan for your dog or cat.

We can also assess the current diet you are feeding to see if it is still appropriate for weight loss, or we can possibly prescribe a weight loss option that will help your pet reach and maintain a healthy weight. 

Nutrition Goal

Our goal is to provide guidance on the ideal diet for your pet. A pet clinic such as us here at Champlin Park Pet Hospital can help you care for your pet by recommending diet options that would be best for your pet based on their age, breed, and or any health conditions they may have. Additionally, we will help you monitor your pet’s overall health and provide recommendations for supplements or special diets as needed. 

If you are searching for an “animal hospital near me”, then know that our team of experts is committed to providing the best care for your pet. We are dedicated to helping you keep your pet healthy and happy and make sure they live a long and vibrant life. Champlin Park Pet Hospital is your trusted animal hospital in Champlin.