Senior Pets

We are here to provide the care your pet needs.

A Pet Hospital for Senior Pets that You Can Trust

Caring for senior cats and dogs presents unique challenges. As pets age, they develop conditions and illnesses, their nutritional needs change, their activity levels change, and they can also develop new behavioral problems. We’re here to support you as you find the best way to care for your pet through these life changes. Our veterinarians are compassionate about caring for aging dogs and cats, while sensitive to your budget, your values, and the road that you and your pet have been down.

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Old Age Pet Problems

There are new challenges for our pets as they age, and many of them can be solved with the help of our experienced, compassionate veterinarians. Some issues for senior pet care can’t be solved, but only managed for the rest of your pet’s life, such as many sources of chronic pain. But certain changes, like many senior dog behavior changes, can be made significantly better with some help from us. 

Our Senior Pet Care Services

We offer many services that your senior pet may need to stay comfortable and as active as possible, including:

  • Six-month check-ups
  • Yearly blood panel, urinalysis, and radiographs
  • Feeding assessment and recommendations
  • Dentistry from dental checks to cleaning to surgeries
  • Diagnostics and medicine
  • Pain assessment and management
  • Much more

Often, owners confuse certain senior pet health challenges with being a “normal” part of aging. However, not all pain and loss of function are normal parts of getting old for your pets. We can help resolve issues with your senior pet to give them a longer life. If not, we’re here to offer pain control and supportive measures that can keep them happy and fulfilled for their final years.

Your Senior Pet Hospital in Champlin

As pets age, they are more likely to develop life-threatening problems that need immediate attention. If we’re not open right when you need us, you can look at our emergency page to see the nearby pet hospitals that are open 24/7.

Choose Champlin Park Pet Hospital

We’re your pet hospital for senior pets in Champlin, Minnesota. Caring for older pets can become a challenge emotionally and financially. Our team is sensitive to these challenges and can offer you the options you need to make the best decisions for your aging pet. Contact us to schedule an appointment or to talk it out with one of our friendly staff.