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Annual Wellness

Annual Wellness Visits here at Champlin Park Pet Hospital are also commonly referred to as “Annual Examination” or “Preventative Care Visit”. Since our beloved pets do not have the ability to talk, these regular visits allow us to find potential health concerns early on! Every pet who comes in for a pet wellness visit gets a nose-to tail-exam.

These visits also are the best way for us to make sure your pet is up to date on all necessary vaccinations. Annual screening tests also allow you to get any of your pets’ needed prescriptions renewed. We understand that every pet has its own individual needs. We are here to ensure that your pet’s needs are being met, for them to live a long, healthy life, fully protected!

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What is “Pet Wellness”?

There are a variety of vaccinations and annual tests that fall under the scope of wellness care. At every annual visit, we discuss in length the different options available and what best fits your pet! We always try to answer any questions pertaining to your pet’s wellness visits. If you would like to set up an appointment for your pet’s wellness visit, please contact us today through PetsApp or call us.

What services are considered wellness care?

  • Kitten and puppy vaccinations
  • Adult pet vaccinations
  • External and internal parasite prevention
  • Oral and dental care
  • Annual screening
  • Annual blood and urine testing (depending on your pet’s medical history)
  • Spaying, neutering, and other elective surgeries
  • Pet diet and nutrition support
  • Pet behavior (anxiety/aggression)

Pet wellness is about more than just what we think of as traditional medical services. If anything is impacting your cat or dog’s quality of life, from disliking their food to barking at thunder, our pet wellness services can help them.

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If you’re looking for a pet wellness clinic near you, you have found it. Contact us to discuss setting up a pet wellness exam for your cat or dog. If you are interested in finding out more information regarding pricing or our recommendations for wellness visits, you can contact us through PetsApp or through email [email protected]