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Microchipping and other ID Systems

The unfortunate reality of having pets is sometimes they get out of the house and not all pets are expert navigators on getting back home. Luckily we are living in the age of technology and we continue to find new ways to keep tabs on where your pet is. It is also easier for people to return your pet to you if they find it roaming the streets.

Identification systems for pets have increased in popularity among pet owners over the years. Pet ID registration is highly recommended in most places. The ease and durability of this technology make it an essential tool for keeping your pets safe. Champlin Park Pet Hospital offers microchipping in the clinic, we also have some other forms of ID systems recommended below! 

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Microchip ID Systems for Pets

Microchips are one of the most well-known forms of identification. The procedure for microchipping is relatively quick and painless. Microchipping utilizes a small chip containing a unique number used to identify your pet, should it ever get lost. For instance, if your pet is found in Champlin or the surrounding area and brought to a local vet, the chip could be scanned to identify the pet and contact the owner.

Microchips are a popular option when it comes to dog and cat identification. The procedure involves injecting a tiny chip under the skin of your pet. If you live an active lifestyle or have a pet that loves to explore, then microchipping your dog or cat is a good option. If this sounds like a system you would prefer to use, then Champlin Park Pet Hospital can walk you through the process.

If you are unsure if your pet has a microchip, you can always give us a call and we can have you stop by the clinic so we can scan your pet. If your pet does have a microchip, we will give you access to that unique ID number for you to have on hand. We would also recommend checking annually to ensure all of your information linked to the microchip is accurate. If your pet does not have a microchip, we can discuss placing one either at that time or at a future visit!

New tools on the market allow owners to monitor their pets closely at home without having to watch them like a hawk. This includes microchip bowls, which only open for a specific ID number. This helps when trying to keep a food-motivated pet from stealing other pets’ food in the household. There are also collar or chip-activated dog and cat doors that open only for a specific number or tag you allow access to. This can keep a sneaky cat indoors while the dogs go outside, and prevent wildlife from getting in. 

Collar Tags

The classic method for identification for dogs and cats is collar tags. Whether the material is metal or plastic, tags are the least intrusive and inexpensive form of identification. Collar tags are attached to your pet’s collar and have key information, such as the pet’s name and owner’s contact information engraved. If you haven’t had time to get your pet microchipped, having a collar with a tag that has up-to-date, and readable information is the best way to ensure your pet gets back to you. Another benefit of collar tags is that it is not a permanent identification method.

Although collar tags are the easiest method to utilize, the drawback is they can be detached quite easily. If you want the more secure option, then microchipping may be the best form of identification for your pet.

Expert Tip: when it comes to indoor or outdoor cats we highly recommend using a quick-release collar. Cats are known for trying to get through tight places, and for this reason, if they do not have a collar that snaps apart, it can cause them to become stuck very easily. 

GPS Tracking

The microchips that we carry at Champlin Park Pet Hospital do not have any GPS tracking in them. However, they do have a temperature reader in them which is quite nifty!

As this technology becomes more and more advanced, it seems as though this could be the new way to keep tabs on your pet in the near future. Between the Fi collar and apple air tags, there are a plethora of tools coming to the market that allows you to use some form of GPS to track your pet.

Whether you need a microchip ID for your dog or have more questions about identification, your friends in Champlin have you covered. It’s always important to keep your contact information up to date for the system to work. Contact us today for more information.